VIDEO sparks rumors that Katy Perry is a robot as her eye kept twitching during a performance, due to a problem with her software

There’s a new conspiracy theory gripping people online–and for once it’s harmless, as well as hilarious.

Some fans of pop star Katy Perry think the singer is a robot after a video clip from her Las Vegas residency captured an “eye glitch.”

During a recent performance, Perry appeared to have had some kind of twitch in her eye that briefly made it impossible to stay open.

After massaging her temple briefly it seemed she’d gotten the twitch to stop, and then carried on with the show without so much as a passing reference. See the moment in the TikTok below.


At least, that’s what fans began saying in a torrent of social media jokes that erupted after the incident. So much so that the TikTok video of the moment has racked up nearly 20 million views since being posted.

Hilarious theories explaining Perry’s “glitch” abounded. Some fans suggested she lost her WiFi connection, while others called it a “mechanical failure” remedied by Perry obviously pressing a “button” on the side of her head to get her eye back online.