The planet poles tilts

The planet poles tilts.
Soft tilted pole planets,
= ( / )
will likely be a fluid core object.
A dynamic fluid core object will not spin true and likely wobbles in the face of a heavier gravity influence.
Hard tilted pole planets
= ( | ) or ( – )
will likely be or behave as a solid
core object.
A solid core object will spin true without wobbling in the face of a heavier gravity influence, rather towards it.
An experiment you can try to establish a potential.
Spin a freshly laid chicken egg on a flat surface, do the same thing with hard boiled one.
Now give that fresh chicken egg a dynamic fluid core, and have it make its way spinning through an orbit of many other dynamic gravity influences.
(I bet you it wobbles)
It might not be that collisions are responsible for any of the system planet pole tilts.
It appears to be,
just the normal orbital influences imposed by our astro,
thats effecting planet pole positions.
Trevor Caddies.