Mysterious Non-Human ‘Alien Corpses Unveiled In Mexico


MUMMIFIED three-fingered and three-toed bodies allegedly found in a tomb in Peru once walked the Earth as non-human beings, it has staggeringly been claimed.

Scientists working on a project to prove that our ancient ancestors may have been visited by aliens have made the “world changing”
A bizarre mummified alien corpse in a remote cemetery in Nazca, Peru.
Mainstream scientists and archaeologists have branded it a sick hoax. It said the corpses were made using genuine mummified human remains from the burglarized areas.

However, a team of researchers and scientists working with conspiracy theory websites continues to investigate the remains and claims they have proven that it is not a reconstructed scam. And these creatures used to walk the earth as they appeared.

The strangest mummy is the three short humanoids, which are said to have reptile-like skin. head like an alien and three fingers and three toes
Dr Raymundo Salas Alfaro.Peruvian radiologist which is part of the team mentioned his reputation that they once lived. After viewing the scan results of CTscan analysis and bone mineral density is that of a real living thing.


😇This matter still needs to be proven in more detail to get a clear conclusion that is true or not. So how do your friends and group members think about this, please feel free to comment.🤓👽🎉
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