They find a black hole in the middle of the ocean with Google Maps (Video).

An Internet user claims to have found a supposed black hole in the ocean using the Google Maps tool, to which some users respond.
A user discovered an island, the interior of which resembles a huge dark spot, which could – some recommend – imply that the island could have been controlled.

A small island on Google Maps , the interior of which resembles a huge dark blob, as if it were a “dark opening”, has confused customers of informal organizations, who raised various speculations about the justification for the shadow of the interior. of the stain

In comments about the distribution of the image, which was posted a couple of days earlier by an Internet customer on Reddit without giving their organization, some customers are suggesting that Google Maps , for some explanation, could have controlled the interior of the island. “My initial thought was that it was painted blue. It wouldn’t bode well for a signature arrangement to be so dark on a small atoll/island,” he kept in touch with a netizen.

Others lightly assure that it could well be the island from the renowned television series “Vanished”, whose only name is “Lost”. “Gentlemen and ladies, you have discovered the island of ‘Lost’,” said one user.

This is that finally, a client figured out how to find the island on Google Maps and it turned out to be the uninhabited island of Vostok , in the focal space of the Pacific Ocean, which is essential for the Line Islands to have a place with the Republic . from Kiribati . As for the dark shadow inside, a netizen suggested that the entire island is covered in trees. “It looks like there are trees,” he induced.