Embarking on an Extraordinary Journey: NASA’s Curiosity Rover Unveils Stunning Composite Images of Red Planet (Video)

NASA recently released a series of photos of Mars taken by the rover Curiosity and put them together for an incredible journey to the Red Planet.

The clips they added show all the images one after the other as they clearly show how amazing Mars is in the first place.

These are some of the best photos we’ve ever taken on Mars and are definitely Instagram stuff for sure.

We begin our adventure on a Martian mountain known as Mount Sharp, where we see the Curiosity rover begin its journey towards its destination.

This street shows all the areas we’ve duplicated so far, and just so everyone knows, NASA made sure to add a legend to each area at the beginning so we know where we are at all times.


However, some images have been slightly lightened so that we can better see the Red Planet’s rocks, so geologists can also do their work at home.

Our journey begins at Gale Crater, and as we see the Curiosity Rover heading towards the area known as Glenelg, we can see Yellowknife Bay forming out of thin air in front of us.

Curiosity Rover makes the startling discovery here that Gale Crater was filled with salt water, making it even more obvious that there was life on this planet after all.

This is when we head towards Bagnold Dunes and Naukluft Plateau, passing through Murray Buttes and then start climbing Mount Sharp.

We conclude our journey at Vera Rubin Ridge, as we take one last look at Gale Crater, where our journey began.